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Mr. C.J. Bremen 1942 - 1977

igniting water

Clyde Jacob Bremen - Quotations

If gas prices were to fall overnight and electric cars became all the rage, the public would still be lining up at the pump, their money flowing into the fat-cat's pockets. The only certainty in this world is that the cost of operating a motor vehicle will always be held for ransom unless... we take matters into our own hands.

I am a just an ordinary man with ideas that appear to have some small validity.

"The energy contained in just a single glass of water is enough to power the average home for years, if only we are able to find the proper keys to the mystery."

"When considering the ways in which we have been marketed to about the cost of fueling transportation it is amazing to me that anyone ever thought of the bicycle."

"When it comes right down to it people are all the same. Each of us wants to live a happy and healthy life, however there are some who believe that only money can make them happy. How unfortunate for them."

"The concept of a consumerist society is an ad man's wet dream, foisted upon us as if it were real."

"I envision the future with every single person on the face of the earth blessed with free unlimited fuel."

"Water is the key. Structuring the way that key is used unlocks its potential."

"I know my ideas go against the grain, but that's only because we've all been taught to disbelieve anything that appears at first look to be fantastical. Magic is alive in the world, science is proving it every day."

"A real scientist is a person who can cast aside what they believe in order to see through to the truth."

"Isn't it strange that with the freedom of the automobile we all became shackled to a finite fuel source? It is natural - when a substance becomes scarce its value increases."

Clyde Jacob Bremen - Correspondence

April 3, 1973

Dear Nik - I hope all is well. Our conversation concerning your uncle's dynamic theory of gravity when we met at the home of the Johnsons' in August of last year has certainly stayed with me and I think on it often. Before I forget, please do relay my entire family's greetings to both Bob and Katharine with many kind thanks for their kindness and hospitality. To continue, I was most struck by something you mentioned to me that your uncle once said,"Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it." I know that we are both of a mind in this with your uncle. Nikola was a very great man indeed. I admire his work so much. I only wish that I might have met him before his death, and can only thank the stars that I have had the good fortune to have met you.

As you know I have also been working to alleviate the ills brought upon the world as it is enslaved to gasoline. Nik I must confide in you as one I can count on as being like-minded: my good friend I have perfected the formula of which I spoke, and have begun to test its capabilities. I am most pleased to report that the results are beyond all expectations. I have included in this missive a full set of notes in hopes that you will place them into safekeeping for me. I must admit that my concerns about certain corporate entities being determined in their quest to eradicate all evidence of my progress are very possibly well founded. While I do not feel that they will be so brash as to do something violent my only choice is to stay the course and hope that they will not. As we discussed there is only one way to change this world, and that is to be forthright and true to our ideals. Wish me luck.

Take care,



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RIP CJ and Sarah


old house

Research is currently underway as to the veracity of the claim that the image depicted above was indeed the ancestral home (upper floors) and brewery (ground level) of one Alouicious Jacob Peter Bremen III quite possibly the owner of C.J.'s great grandfather. Problems establishing the truth has been encountered as library records have been mysteriously lost, and perhaps even deliberately destroyed. More details will be posted here as our investigation and possible litigation continues.